Baby Bear
Baby Bear Baby Bear Baby Bear
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This gift collection is meant for a new parent or parent-to-be. Complete with a luxurious baby sling, baby wash, and healing dust, we can’t think of a better gift for a baby shower or sip and see.

Beachwood Baby // Baby Sling (Los Angeles, CA):

Protect and comfort your little one without lifting a finger in our new Beachwood Baby sling. They're made from 100% soft cotton with a seamless aluminum ring. The sling is adjustable, and can carry your babies up until they're toddlers (8lb-35lb).

Among the Flowers // Lavender Lullaby Wash (Placerville, CA):

A blend of our house made castile liquid soap and lavender floral water for a natural and safe way to clean baby. Detergent, preservative, additive, dye, fragrance free and non-toxic, this gentle formula is earth and sensitive skin-friendly. 4 oz.

Fat and the Moon // Babies Healing Dust (Nevada City, CA):

Dust that baby bum with plants that help absorb moisture and comfort that ‘brand new to the world’ skin. Talc free and corn free, this powder is free of starchy sugar that can feed the yeast thriving in a diaper environment. Marshmallow root lends its soothing powers so babe’s bum can blossom. A light scent from orange essential oil give the Babies Healing Dust an uplifting vibration. 2oz.