Del Mar
$95.00 $200.00

The Del Mar Collection is the epitome of coastal luxury, just like the town itself. 

Vartan // Dinner Napkin Set (San Francisco, CA):

Vartan’s dinner napkins begin as a single piece of linen, which is folded into their special pattern, hand dipped into their dye vats, and then carefully cut into four. This process creates a true napkin set. Set of 4, 100% linen, hand dyed.

Le Feu De L'eau // Bleu Nuit Candle (Los Angeles, CA):

Black Currant / Red Currant / Bergamot / Wood / Cinnamon

Each candle is sculpted underwater with a high temperature wax. The color is hand mixed and the fragrances are custom blended into a soy candle filling. 3.5″ x 4″ / 16 oz. Approx. burn time: 80 hrs.

Lustered Walnut // Bouquet Vase (Temecula, CA):

Lustered Walnut’s Bouquet Vase is the perfect start to a full floral arrangement for your table, countertop or windowsill.

Lustered Walnut wares are slip cast using molds and positives we design and fabricate. All wares are patterned and/or painted by hand. No decals or stencils are used.

Instead of using porcelain, we use stoneware. Strong and durable, stoneware's history reminds us of rustic country homes, comfort, and family dinners. The stoneware is very dense and strong. Though we have not had any problems with staining; we suggest rinsing after use and ensure wares are not soaked in dirty water, red wine, or coffee over night. 3 1/4" dia. x 8"h.