La Jolla
La Jolla La Jolla
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The La Jolla Gift Box is full of charm and color, a lovely representation of one of our favorite Southern California beach towns.

Vartan // Dinner Napkin Set (San Francisco, CA):

Vartan’s dinner napkins begin as a single piece of linen, which is folded into their special pattern, hand dipped into their dye vats, and then carefully cut into four. This process creates a true napkin set. Set of 4, 100% linen, hand dyed. 

Wicked Boheme // Rose Copper Coconut Candle (Los Angeles, CA):

The Gypsy fragrance mixes in elements of the earth with a bit of sweetness.  Close your eyes and you’ll be uplifted to a forest of berries encased by the foliage of Mother Nature.  

Made of all natural coconut wax and hand poured in Los Angeles.  Coconut wax is a great alternative to soy, which captures fragrances well and yields a clean burn.  This wax is combined with the highest quality of fragrances, which are infused at its maximum to insure a strong scent throw.

These candles are housed in a beautiful rose copper plated steel jar, making the vessel equally as usable even after the wax has burned down, and will come in our signature moon marble satin dust bag. 12 oz., 90+ hour burn time.

Unurth // Barnacle Planter (Ventura County, CA):

Inspired by long days exploring the coastal tidepools for treasure and unique forms.  Simple, yet delightfully detailed by hand, this guy is perfect for your favorite succulent. Drainage hole added to keep roots well drained, and the container looks stunning on a desk or sunny windowsill.  4.5" wide x 6" tall approx. As with all handmade items, variations occur and are celebrated... giving each piece it's own unique character.