Little Love No. 3

Our Heiday // Citrus Notepad (Los Angeles, CA):

Shop, shop, shop. The Citrus shop pad is perfect for the weekly grocery run, the weekend getaway shopping trip, and all else in between. 4.5" x 8.75", 60 easy tear sheets, printed full color on smooth text paper.

Remedium // Guava & Ginger Candle (Santa Monica, CA):

All natural, hand poured coconut wax candle with wooden wick. Blended with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance to create an eco-friendly, clean-burning and long-lasting candle. Essential oils: grapefruit, orange and ginger. Aromatherapy benefits: uplift and energize.

35+ hours burn time, 2.5” x 2.5” x 4”, 4oz

Charm Ceramics // White Highball Glass (Los Angeles, CA):

This unique white tumbler is an original design by Charm Ceramics, inspired by the beach lifestyle of Southern California. It is perfect to drink anything from Mai Tais to Iced Tea and brings a little warmth and sunshine to every sip! 2.75" x 5"/Holds 8 fluid oz.