Los Olivos
Los Olivos Los Olivos
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Some might think of Napa when they think of California wine, but we think of our favorite little wine town nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley, the inspiration behind the Los Olivos Gift Box.

Half Light Bindery // Cyclist’s Wine Rack (Long Beach, CA):

Wine rack for your bike in natural leather with solid brass hardware. Fits most wine bottles, some 22 oz bombers, or a bottle of Jameson. Fully adjustable and secure.

Half Light Bindery uses only the best natural products.. That’s why they have chosen to use Wickett and Craig leather. They produce a full veg-tanned leather with a great durable feel and color that takes on a rich patina. In addition, as one of the oldest North American tanneries, their hides come exclusively from North American steer and are tanned here in the USA. Half Light Bindery’s  relationship with them makes for a truly American product. Leather is a natural product so slight variations in color and surface texture are inevitable. 25 x 8 x 17 cm.

Lustered Walnut // Tumblers (Temecula, CA):

Pair of whiskey/wine tumblers. Lustered Walnut wares are slip cast using molds and positives we design and fabricate. All wares are patterned and/or painted by hand. No decals or stencils are used.

Instead of using porcelain, we use stoneware. Strong and durable, stoneware's history reminds us of rustic country homes, comfort, and family dinners. The stoneware is very dense and strong. Though we have not had any problems with staining; we suggest rinsing after use and ensure wares are not soaked in dirty water, red wine, or coffee overnight. 2 3/4"dia. x 3"h/Volume: 6oz.

Le Feu de L’eau // Candle (Los Angeles, CA):

Fig Leaf / Fig / Vetiver / Fig Tree

Le Feu Vert translates to “The Fire Of Green.” Soy wax filling; natural fragrance. 2.85 oz/Approx. 17 hour burn time.

Our Heiday // Bouquet Series Assorted Card Set (Los Angeles, CA):

These abstract florals are perfect for sending sweet sentiments on any occasion. Includes six assorted blank cards and gold leaf envelopes. A2 size (4 1/4"x 5 1/2" when folded), Printed full color on high quality cover paper.