Torrey Pines
$85.00 $180.00

The Torrey Pines Gift Box is inspired by the rare pine trees and breathtaking bluffs on one our favorite hiking locations in Southern California.

Le Feu de L’eau // Candle (Los Angeles, CA):

Sandalwood / Patchouli / Amber / Myrrh / Resin / Vanilla

Each candle is sculpted underwater with a high temperature wax. The color is hand mixed and the fragrances are custom blended into a soy candle filling. 3.5″ x 4″ / 16 oz. / Approx. 80 hrs. burn time. 

Earth + Element // Mug (Topanga, CA):

Handmade white and gold stoneware mug.

Among the Flowers // Kelp + Coconut Soak (Placerville, CA):

A paradise retreat awaits, and all you need is a tub. Fill your bath with the soothing waters of amino acid infused coconut milk powder, and let the sweet aroma whisk you away. Ground Kelp infuses warm water with powerful minerals and enzymes. Emerge from the water with hydrated, healthy skin. 4 oz.

LovePray Jewelry // Turquoise Bracelet (San Diego, CA):

Fine and earthy bracelet, made with high quality African turquoise gemstones.  It will add a luxurious touch to any mala bracelet collection. 7.25 inches/ 19cm.

African Turquoise, is a type of jasper that has the look of an earthy turquoise, it is said to bring encouragement for growth, development and positive change, open the mind to new ideas, new possibilities and new existence. It is a stone of change and evolution.